Privacy Policy of "Instafire" – Instagram Client on Amazon Appstore

This privacy policy applied on the app Instafire available on Amazon Appstore.

Information We Collect

Instafire uses the official Instagram API to access data of a user. We DO NOT store or transmit any type of information related to any user in our repository.

How We Use Your Information

We get the information directly from Instagram API and show it in our app on the fly. Each time users requests new information it is taken from the Instagram API. Instafire DO NOT use your information.

Scope of Privacy Policy

This privacy policy applies to all the users of Amazon App: Instafire.

Our Privacy Responsibilities

In our management of this app, we respect users' privacy and thoroughly acknowledge the value of their personal information. To this end, we strive to implement any and all relevant measures for the protection and management of this data.

Contact us

If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy or the Service, please contact us (OUTCLICK LABS) at